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A.I. Resources

https://aiartists.org – A global clearinghouse of resources on AI’s impact on art and culture, and the largest community of AI artists in the world.

https://partnershiponai.org – Partnership on AI is working to advance responsible governance and best practices in AI, addressing the most important challenges related to the use of these technologies and helping guide efforts in AI to enhance the quality of peoples’ lives.

https://spawning.ai – Spawning is building tools for managing your AI identity. Spawning believes that a future of consenting data will benefit both AI development and the people it is trained on.

https://haveibeentrained.com – From the creators of Spawning, their first tool haveibeentrained.com enables you to see if your images have been used and then request that future A.I. models avoid them.

Joanna Peña-Bickley Principles found on https://cognitiveexperience.design:

UNESCO’s Outcome document: first draft of the Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Legal, regulatory, and ethical frameworks for development of standards in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous robotic surgery

ISO’s Information technology — Artificial intelligence — Overview of ethical and societal concerns