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Supporting Artists

Creativity Squared first and foremost supports artists. I’m putting my money where my mouth is: 10% of all revenue the podcast generates will go to ArtsWave, a nationally recognized non-profit that supports over 100 arts organizations.

I also recognize that the new wave of A.I. technology has sparked a lot of excitement, but it has also raised concerns and fears, particularly for those in the arts community. As someone who supports and appreciates the arts, especially as my mother is an artist herself, I understand and share those concerns.

However, I also see the incredible potential that this technology holds for the creative process and expression. I believe that we can work together to ensure that it respects and supports artists rather than undermining them.

First, we must not infringe on artists’ rights. It is essential that artists are consulted, respected, and compensated for their work. We must use our collective voice and our user behavior to shape the future of technology in a way that benefits us all. This includes the need for the legal system to catch up and that the laws are just and equitable.

Furthermore, we must also make technology accessible. Accessibility is a huge problem on the web and these new ways of expressing and creating should be available to all.

We need to use our collective imagination to dream about what life could be like with these new tools in a way that respects and supports artists. We have the power to shape the future, and we need to come together to discuss issues, concerns, excitement, and solutions.

As we move forward, remember that behind every screen is an actual person and that everything we create with technology is a reflection of ourselves. 

I want to invite you to be part of this conversation. Share your thoughts, concerns, hopes, and dreams. Let’s work together.

Thank you.

– Helen Todd, the human behind Creativity Squared