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Digitally Clone Yourself!

Creativity Squared + Render: The Avatar Experience Cincinnati

🙋‍♀️ Ready to be digitally cloned? Get your own custom synthetic avatar and join the clone club! Creativity Squared is collaborating with our partner and sponsor, Render, to bring The Avatar Experience to Cincinnati, OH, and to cities across the United States. Cloning is done by appointment that fits into your schedule. Digitally clone yourself to unlock streamlined and dynamic video content.

Book Your Cloning Appointment in Cincinnati Today!

Don’t miss your opportunity to digitally clone yourself and be at the forefront of this ground-breaking technology. Book your cloning appointment in Cincinnati today. The one-time production fee is part of the booking process:

If you have any questions, reach out to human (at) creativitysquared.com, and we’d be happy to connect with you!

Need Another City? Visit the Render Studio Tour Page

Example of a Digital, Hyper-Realistic Avatar

There are less than a thousand known hyper-realistic custom synthetic avatars in existence, so you’ll be at the forefront of this groundbreaking A.I. technology!

Custom synthetic avatars are part of a massive and growing digital avatar market and is projected to be $270B by 2030. Custom synthetic avatars are not deepfakes as you own all intellectual property associated with your digital likeness.

This A.I. technology can help anyone who has a lot of content that they create and want to bring alive in video without going on camera, including thought leaders, business owners, educators, and influencers.

Digital avatars can do things humans can’t do, like create multiple videos simultaneously and speak more languages often than their human counterparts do — your avatar will speak 28 languages! They also save time and money by streamlining video production, making engaging videos with a couple of clicks. 

Custom synthetic avatars can be used for creating:

  • Dynamic online course instruction
  • Streamlined video production of blog or audio-only content
  • Engaging and SEO video content
  • Turnkey social media and email marketing video content
  • Engaging customer service messaging
  • And more! 

The best part? Your clone is always camera-ready and you can create dynamic videos in just a few clicks!

For more examples, check out:

Don’t miss this opportunity to be digitally cloned!

What Does the Avatar Experience Include?

1. Hair and Makeup

Your avatar will only look as good as you do on camera.  We have full hair and makeup services available at all studio dates – so don’t sweat it!

2. Video Training

We only need five takes of a short script on a teleprompter.  Our director will coach you through the process to ensure your training footage is perfect.

3. Voice Cloning

After your video capture, then we do twleve minutes of high quality audio recording together. This content is used to train Voice A.I. software to match your actual voice.

4. Approve Footage

Within a week of your shoot, we will send you an approval deck so you can see the training footage before it is used to generate your Digital Likeness.

What Does It Cost?

To have your avatar generated, it costs $2,000, which includes a one-time $1,000 production fee and then a $1,000 annual licensing fee paid to the model provider. Additionally, Render software subscription fees start at $200 per month to make up to 15 videos with your avatar — less than $15 per video with a couple of clicks!

A $500 down payment is due at the time of booking, and then another $500 will be billed when you arrive at the studio. After you approve the footage, you’ll sign an execute order form and pay the remainder of the fees.

Have any other questions? Reach out to human (at) creativitysquared.com.

We look forward to welcoming you for your avatar experience!

-Helen (Creativity Squared) & Jon, Moki, & Jill (Render)