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“Pato y Muerte” by Gabriel Martinez Rubio, ArtsWave “Truth & Healing” Artist 

“Being part of the Hispanic community or the Latino community here, it is very important for me to be part of this program. Little by little, we’ll open doors for the people who will come behind us.”

Gabriel Martinez Rubio

2023 ArtsWave Black and Brown Artists Program

Creativity Squared is proud to support and partner with ArtsWave and to bring you this special interview series featuring the phenomenal artists and grant recipients selected for this year’s ArtsWave Black and Brown Artists Program.

Gabriel is a 2023 ArtsWave Black and Brown Artists Program Grant Recipient and “Truth & Healing” Artist.

The intention of these interviews is to give these talented and deserving artists another platform to share their art and truth expressed through it, as you never know what ripples will turn into waves. If you’re interested in working with, featuring, or supporting these artists, please don’t be shy about it.

We’ll be hearing from these artists whose films were shown in the ArtsWave “Truth & Healing” Showcase and Film Festivals. Part one of this series features the artists whose work is in the exhibition that is available for visiting at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH, through September 10. 

This year’s theme is “Truth & Healing” and Creativity Squared host Helen Todd had the great honor of interviewing the artists during the opening showcase to learn more about their work and what truth and healing means to them.

Meet Gabriel Martinez Rubio

Gabriel has developed his career as a dancer and choreographer between Mexico and the United States, working with different dance and theater companies, including Cincinnati’s Mutual Dance Theatre. In 2019, he created Dos-Corazones Productions which connects the Hispanic community with the greater Cincinnati community. In 2021 and 2022, Gabriel received the Black and Brown Artist Program Grant from ArtsWave. He created “NOSOTROS/US” a dance piece including video interviews about being an immigrant in Cincinnati; and “Monarca – Lost Butterfly (In Memoriam),” a multidisciplinary piece which pays homage to those who are lost during their immigration journey.

“Pato y Muerte”

“Pato y Muerte” is a playful dance-theater performance with a message suitable for children and adults. The original script was based on a German tale and reflects the understanding of death, friendship, and loyalty in Mexico and other Latin cultures. Death simply serves as a “friendly” reminder that although we mourn, we also celebrate life, loyalty and friendship. Through this celebration, and the bonds we create with others, our loved ones continue living.

ArtsWave 2023 Black and Brown Artists Program Cohort

This year’s Black and Brown Artists Program cohort reflects a vibrant collection of diverse art forms created by an equally diverse group of 18 artists. Their mediums include couture fashion, painting, and sculpture — along with film, musical composition, podcasts, theater, dance, and multidisciplinary works.

The projects not only represent the African American experience, but also the experiences of those with Mexican, Lebanese, Somali, Argentinian, Zimbabwean, Guatemalan, and Indigenous heritage.

Listen to the accompanying podcast episode which features Gabriel:

Connect with Gabriel

This project also includes free dance workshops for children in Spanish and English, taking place in areas of the city accessible to diverse communities. Follow Gabriel on Instagram (@gabo_m7) to stay in touch!

Learn more about ArtsWave and why we proudly support the organization in Episode 9 “Art Bridges Cultural Divides” with Janice Liebenberg, VP of Equitable Arts Advancement at ArtsWave: https://bit.ly/Ep9JaniceLiebenberg.

Creativity Squared is a proud partner of ArtsWave and because it’s important to support artists like Michael, 10% of all revenue Creativity Squared generates goes to ArtsWave and directly supports the Black and Brown Artists Program.

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