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Who's In This Podcast
Helen Todd is co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared and the human behind Creativity Squared.

Meet Helen Todd: Your Host and the Human Behind Creativity Squared

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Ep1. Harry Yeff: My Second Self

Meet Helen Todd, your podcast host and the human behind Creativity Squared. 

Co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared, Helen has an insatiable curiosity about people, what connects us, what impacts us, and what the future holds for us.

Discover the inspiration for Creativity Squared, why she’s so excited about A.I., and get a sneak peek into all the fun that’s in store.

Stay tuned for the first interview with the wildly talented Harry Yeff dropping 4/20. ChatGPT says to hit the subscribe button wherever you’re listening so you don’t miss the most thought-provoking conversations on creativity & A.I. every week! 

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CONNECT with C^2

CONNECT with Helen Todd, the human behind C^2

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