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Vogue Italia May 2023 Cover Features Bella Hadid and A.I. Artwork

Image credit: Vogue Italia

Conde Nast Partnered with OpenAI and A.I. Artist Chad Nelson the Vogue Italia’s May 2023 Cover featuring Bella Hadid

Chad Nelson, an award-winning creative director and technology strategist, had the privilege to use DALL·E to help create the May 2023 cover for Vogue Italia featuring Bella Hadid!

Listen to the full Creativity Squared episode with A.I. artist Chad Nelson to learn more about his creative process, why he loves working with DALL·E, and about his recent projects including the first-ever animated short film with visuals solely generated from DALL·E. He also gave us a sneak peek at the DALL·E A.I. images he created for this cover and spread that hit newsstands this May.

The age of A.I. is here… and this is only the beginning.

Chad Nelson

One of Chad’s favorites from the series is the image with Bella Hadid wearing a JW Anderson dress made from vintage computer keys. They extended the dress with A.I. using DALL·E (which introduced all the cables and other parts) and built the entire retro office setting from a series of prompts. Even the keyboard Bella is using to type was generated by Dall•E. Chad generated well over 100 different keyboards to find the perfect one!

Image credit: Vogue Italia

The vision for this project was to meld traditional high-end fashion photography with A.I.generative visuals. Vogue Italia partnered with fashion photographer Carlijn Jacobs and supermodel Bella Hadid to make it happen. Bella was photographed in an empty space and Chad used DALL·E to create surrealistic backgrounds and extended fashion to create imagery that couldn’t be achieved through normal photography.

In the end, I feel this type of process — combining models & highly creative artists with AI — becomes an entirely new aesthetic and creative approach for fashion and photography overall.

Chad Nelson
Image credit: Vogue Italia

Chad shared: “Within each photo (15 in total, including the 2-page foldout cover), we generated hundreds of images to get DALL·E to match Bella’s lighting and camera perspective so that we could build the wardrobe extensions and surrounding environments. The images range from realistic to surreal as we wanted to showcase the extent of DALL·E’s visual capabilities.”

Image credit: Vogue Italia

When Chad first started DALL·E, he could have never imagined the doors being opened and the opportunities being presented. He told us that never in his life did he expect that his work would be on a Vogue Cover. It’s a mind-blowing experience and one due to the advances in A.I.

Congratulations, Chad! We look forward to continuing to see how your work evolves and your next cover.

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Chad, thank you for being our guest on Creativity Squared. 

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