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Who's In This Podcast
Helen Todd is co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared and the human behind Creativity Squared.
Jey Van-Sharp Episode Cover Art
Jey Van-Sharp co-founded the global consultancy MyÜberLife (MÜLF) Consulting Group.

Ep2. Jey Van-Sharp: Culture is Data

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Jey and I can talk all day about culture, creativity, community, and commerce, and we covered so much, that there are two versions of the interview. One edited for our podcast listeners and then there’s the full-length video version. Whichever one you choose, hope you enjoy the thought-provoking conversation! -Helen

Ep2. Culture is Data: Get the Pulse on What’s Cool with A.I. & Culture, Data & Equity from /Prompt Papi Jey Van-Sharp

In the second episode of Creativity Squared, Jey Van-Sharp aka the “/Prompt Papi” joins us for a fascinating conversation that touches on culture as data, creatives having a competitive advantage, and personalized learning through favorite stories and worlds, like Beauty and The Beast!

Jey, a Venezuelan kid raised in New York City, co-founded MyÜberLife Consulting Group. MÜLF is a global consultancy specializing in providing innovative solutions to help geniuses, creators, celebrities, executives, and companies navigate the complexities of modern business and achieve success in their endeavors.

The company’s unique approach is grounded in the Business of Culture and the Business of Cool, which allows them to provide clients with unparalleled expertise in cultural intelligence, marketing, brand strategy, and operational and supply/value chain strategy.

Overall, MyÜberLife Consulting Group is dedicated to helping their clients build and grow their brands and businesses while staying ahead of the curve in the 21st century.

In today’s landscape, what’s more staying ahead of the curve than diving into all things A.I.?

MyÜberLife Digital Wolf

The Machines are Learning from Us

Jey sees the current zeitgeist around artificial intelligence having two extremes. There’s an epic amount of optimism in terms of what the future can bring but also extreme levels of skepticism and pessimism; however, there’s more nuance in our “sci-reality”. We’re at the intersection of culture, creativity, commerce, and community in a new age of intelligence.

There’s a semi symbiosis happening that is very reflective of not only our positive psyche but also our dark psyche.

Jey Van-Sharp

The machines are learning from us, and we’re learning from the machines. People are concerned about how A.I. will impact our sense of normalcy, intellectual property, and jobs. This iteration of the web doesn’t seem as “blissful” as say just posting memes to Twitter or Instagram.

WULF University image

An Equitable A.I. Future

We have to make sure that these tools are equitable. We haven’t figured out access and society with our current “blissful” technology and now we are diving even deeper.

For Jey, the answer is two-fold. First, he believes that we need to create something that every person can use without thinking about the underlying technology. Second, it’s all about education and literacy on this new technology. Don’t use jargon. Use language people can understand and so people at the gas station know what’s going on. Invest in people learning so they can understand A.I. as a utility. Products need to be consumer friendly just like fashion and what it really looks like day-to-day.

A big part of humanity is expression and creating out of the chaos. -Jey Van-Sharp

Creativity Brings Things To Life

What is creativity? For Jey, it’s the ability to create. Whether you are a mother biologically bringing a child into the world or an artist or LeBron James dribbling a basketball, it’s all creativity. It’s taking something from your mind, manifesting it, and making it a reality. The real act of creativity is something that’s not visible (so far!) A big part of humanity is expression and creating out of chaos.

Creators have a competitive advantage against people who have a very rigid mindset.

Jey Van-Sharp

The big corporations, those that live in the Ivory Tower, those that control capital are at a disadvantage now. Creators now do not necessarily have to pitch in front of a room of business people in suits trying to convince them of their idea. He likens A.I. to a $160K assistant, a thing that helps you do your thing better. He recommends using A.I. as an assistant to make your idea more robust, help with a business plan, build your own processes. It’s like a secret wizard in the back helping creators make decisions. You lessen the limitations and risks of putting your work out there. The cost of failure is way down. Creators now have a lot more independence to imagine.

Jey Van-Sharp aka the /Prompt Papi

The /Prompt Papi

2023 is the year of the prompt and Jey is known by his team as the “/Prompt Papi”! He gave us a live demonstration of his skills. He told ChatGPT to tell us a Disney story explaining the Adinkra codes. The response took us from Africa to computer programming. He then took it a step further and asked ChatGPT to explain the codes through the Beauty and the Beast story.

“Tell me the following in Beauty and the Beast movie narrative.”

Jey Van-Sharp

A.I. created a quick story that took a dense subject and made it into something that many people could understand. Belle used the codes to find the secrets of life to help break the Beast’s curse and turn him back into a handsome prince. 

Prompts provide the context and you have to tell it how to behave. In order to get the most out of A.I., you still have to have an expertise to know what to ask. Prompts are the new IP. 

This wasn’t our only Walt Disney conversation. Previously, Jey asked ChatGPT to act as Walt Disney and rate MyÜberLife Consulting Group’s business model. It took about 16 hours to edit something that he has been working on for 17 years. That tells you everything you need to know about the power of A.I. and the economics of time.

He explains that time does not equal money. Time is more expensive than money and timing is more expensive than time. Timing can only come from someone understanding their own sense of being with their own creativity and how to deploy it and manifest their ideas.

Jey Van-Sharp

Additional Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Connect with Jey

Japanese MRI study where A.I. used brain scans to recreate images

Duncan Watts

Don’t Be Overwhelmed

There’s still a lot of fuzziness and fast-moving pieces with this breakthrough technology. Jey doesn’t want people to get overwhelmed by it all.

Lean into your creativity.

Jey Van-Sharp

There are so many things to uncover and discover. Don’t have your ego define you as a human and your productivity based upon what you do. It’s a good time to figure out why you do things and what actually is in your heart. We’re due for a re-training in America and he likens it to the training done around The New Deal.

Jey won’t waste his time thinking about what’s wrong with A.I. but how we can keep things safe and people more productive, especially in his own communities. 

After listening or watching our conversation with Jey, we hope you look inward on what you want to create and manifest next. 

Bottom line: It’s a good time to be a creative!

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Thank you, Jey, for being our guest on Creativity Squared! 

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