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Helen Todd is co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared and the human behind Creativity Squared.
Cindy Gallop is the Founder & CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, the world's first and only user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform.

Ep43. Cindy Gallop: Sex, A.I. & the Human Condition

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Ep43. Sex, A.I. & the Human Condition: Discover ‘Godmother of SexTech’ Cindy Gallop’s MakeLoveNotPorn Social Sex Revolution through the Female Lens

Cindy Gallop, who is the face of ‘the Social Sex Revolution’, joins Creativity Squared again to discuss sex, A.I., and the human condition. 

Cindy is the Founder & CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, the world’s first and only user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform. Its mission is to end rape culture by socializing and normalizing sex and promoting good sexual values and behavior. 

In our first conversation in Creativity Squared Episode 35, Cindy shared her solution to end deepfakes which disproportionately target women. Her answer: Fund female founders.

As she shared, we haven’t fully realized the potential of the internet and technology through the female lens, where we will all be safer, happier, and making more money, including men!

Join Helen and invest in Cindy, a female founder, in just a couple of clicks right now!

You have the opportunity to get equity in MakeLoveNotPorn with as low as a $100 micro-investment.

Support Cindy scaling her core business and building out the MakeLoveNotPorn Academy for the best sex education, based on age appropriateness, on the web.

Invest today: https://wefunder.com/makelovenotporn/.

This is Cindy’s first-ever equity crowdfunding campaign, led by actress Jameela Jamil and hosted on the Wefunder platform.

Cindy also explains the importance of MakeLoveNotPorn’s revenue-sharing model and user ownership of content and data. Additionally, we discuss why Cindy pioneered the SexTech category, her thoughts on A.I., intimacy & the loneliness epidemic, where SexTech is today, and where it can go beyond just the hardware. Cindy also shares how SexTech can be used in gaming and messaging to improve our human-to-human sexual interactions and relationships. Despite an increasingly tech-driven world, Cindy stresses the value of human connection and touch. 

Cindy accurately predicted sex in self-driving cars. What are her other SexTech predictions? Listen in and keep reading to find out!

Invest in MakeLoveNotPorn

I want to build the go-to global hub for the best of the world’s sex education content.”

Cindy Gallop

With the goal to raise one million dollars, the campaign aims to empower MakeLoveNotPorn to scale its core business and bring to life the MakeLoveNotPorn Academy, a groundbreaking platform poised to revolutionize sex education.

Modeled after the wildly successful Khan Academy, the MakeLoveNotPorn Academy will aggregate top-tier, age-appropriate sex ed content from educators worldwide, making it accessible to all.

But the Academy’s mission goes beyond mere access.

By bringing together a diverse array of expert voices and resources, and making them accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, Cindy aims to fill the gaping void in quality sex education that persists in societies around the world. She envisions a future where every person, from curious children to adults seeking to deepen their understanding, can access the information and support they need to lead healthy, fulfilling sexual lives filtered by age appropriateness and other culturally relevant filters.

The Academy, Cindy explains, will be built on the same principles of inclusivity, consent, and creator empowerment that have made MakeLoveNotPorn a pioneering force in the SexTech space. By ensuring that educators retain ownership of their content and share fairly in the revenues generated, she seeks to create a sustainable ecosystem that values and rewards the vital work of sex education.

Centering human curation, prioritizing creator ownership, and implementing a 50/50 revenue share model, this platform will democratize income for sex educators while ensuring the highest standards of safety and consent.

In a world where sex ed is often stigmatized and sidelined, the Academy stands to be a game-changer.

“…one investor said to me: ‘Cindy, the moment one hundred schools sign on the Academy, you’re looking at a completely different value proposition.’ So that’s the game plan.”

Cindy Gallop

Pioneering the SexTech Revolution

As the trailblazing “Godmother of SexTech,” Cindy Gallop knows a thing or two about pushing boundaries. A decade ago, she coined the term “SexTech” and set out to legitimize the category, paving the way for a new era of innovation at the intersection of sexuality and technology.

“I deliberately set out to define pioneer and champion my own category, SexTech,” Cindy explains. “And I did that purely to create a climate of receptivity amongst investors, by giving MakeLoveNotPorn somewhere to live, but by legitimizing my own category.”

Her tireless advocacy has transformed the landscape, opening doors for a wave of founders and startups aligned on using technology to improve IRL human sexuality for the betterment of all.

But as Cindy is quick to point out, the SexTech revolution is just getting started. While much of the buzz has centered on hardware — think teledildonics, VR porn, and sex robots — the real opportunity lies in harnessing technology to bring people closer together in the real world. And that, she argues, is where female founders come in.

Central to Cindy’s vision for a SexTech revolution is the conviction that female founders hold the key to unlocking the industry’s full potential. She argues passionately for the need to funnel more resources and support to women-led ventures, citing the unique perspective and untapped innovation they bring to the table.

Honestly…the world we would all want to live and work in is the world that women want to build.”

Cindy Gallop

Cindy points to the stark gender imbalances in venture capital funding as evidence of the uphill battle female founders face in bringing their visions to life. With a mere 1.7% of VC (venture capital) dollars flowing to women-led startups, she argues, we are leaving an immense pool of talent and transformative potential on the table.

Investing in female founders, Cindy maintains, is not just a matter of equity and fairness — it’s a sound business strategy. Women bring a distinctive lens to the challenges and opportunities of SexTech, one informed by their lived experiences, their deep understanding of the needs and desires of female consumers, and their commitment to building products and platforms that promote empathy, connection, and well-being.

By channeling more resources to female-led SexTech ventures, Cindy believes we can unlock a wave of innovation that will reshape the industry and, in turn, transform the way we understand and experience sexuality and intimacy in the digital age. “Fund female founders,” Cindy urges.

“It’s as simple as that,” she goes on to explain. “Through the female lens is how we will all be a whole lot safer, a whole lot better taken care of, a whole lot happier — and because of all that, that is a whole lot more lucrative. That’s our future.”

Future of SexTech Beyond Hardware

Looking ahead, Cindy shares her unique vision for the future of SexTech, beyond the hardware.

“If you mention the word sex tech, most people think sex toys, sex robots — that’s about as far as their imagination goes,” Cindy shares.

“I have a very unique vision for sex tech,” she continues. “And in fact, I wanted and still want to, at some point, raise the world’s first dedicated sex tech fund, because I see the financial potential. But my vision depends on what I’m doing with MakeLoveNotPorn right now, which is socializing sets, spearheading the social sex revolution, because there is huge opportunity to bring sex tech applications to numerous sectors that have historically, you know, banned or censored them.”

She envisions a future where SexTech permeates every corner of our lives, from gaming platforms that enhance real-world sexual interactions to messaging apps that prioritize privacy and consent. Cindy sees vast untapped potential in bringing SexTech solutions to bear on a wide range of human needs and desires, from combating loneliness and isolation to fostering deeper, more meaningful connections between partners.

Underpinning this expansive vision is a fervent belief in the power of technology to bring us closer together, to bridge divides, and foster empathy and understanding. In a world where digital interfaces mediate an ever-growing share of our interactions, Cindy argues, it is imperative that we harness the tools of SexTech to promote authenticity, vulnerability, and genuine human connection.

From gaming platforms that enhance real-world sexual interactions to messaging apps prioritizing privacy and consent, the potential for female-led SexTech to transform our lives is boundless. By backing female founders, we not only level the playing field but also invest in a future that is safer, happier, and more profitable for all.

Safeguarding Intimacy in the Age of A.I.

As artificial intelligence weaves its way into every facet of our lives, the question of how to navigate intimacy in a tech-driven world looms large.

Even as she champions the transformative potential of SexTech, Cindy is quick to acknowledge the challenges and pitfalls that come with the territory.

Chief among these is the blurring of lines between the artificial and the human, a danger that looms especially large today. Cindy cautions against forgetting that such technologies are not, in fact, human.

“We will anthropomorphize anything…we will convince ourselves that an animal is talking to us…So I think the danger is in…attributing things like common sense to them.”

Cindy Gallop

As A.I.-powered chatbots, virtual companions, and sexbots become increasingly sophisticated and lifelike, Cindy cautions, we risk losing sight of the essential qualities that make human intimacy so precious and irreplaceable.

While these technologies may offer a balm for loneliness and a simulacrum of connection, she argues, they are no substitute for the depth, richness, and sheer unpredictability of human-to-human intimacy.

To navigate these choppy waters, Cindy believes, we must approach the development and deployment of A.I. in the SexTech space with the utmost care and intentionality. This means designing these systems with robust safeguards and clear boundaries in place, ensuring that users are always fully aware of the nature of their interactions and the limitations of the technology.

More fundamentally, it means fostering a culture of open, honest dialogue about the role of A.I. in our intimate lives—one that acknowledges both its potential benefits and its inherent risks and equips individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed choices about how they engage with these technologies.

There needs to be some way of reminding people that this is not another person.”

Cindy Gallop

Yet even as we grapple with the challenges posed by A.I., Cindy sees glimmers of hope in female perspectives’ potential to shape a more empathetic future. By centering the female lens in A.I. development, she argues, we can harness technology’s power to foster deeper human connection rather than drive us further apart.

Investing in Our Collective Future

For all the challenges that lie ahead, Cindy remains unshakably optimistic about the future of SexTech and the role of female founders in shaping it. Her parting message is a rousing call to action, urging listeners to vote with their dollars and their voices to support the women who are leading the charge.

In a world where our most intimate experiences are increasingly mediated by technology, Cindy argues, the stakes could not be higher. By investing in female founders and the visions they’re bringing to life, we invest in a future that is more equitable, more empathetic, and more deeply attuned to the full spectrum of human needs and desires.

The single best thing you can do in any context for a better future for all of us is: When you see a female founder building something you absolutely bloody love, fund or support it in any way you can.”

Cindy Gallop

As we navigate a cultural moment marked by deepening polarization and fraying social bonds, Cindy Gallop’s call to fund female founders offers a beacon of hope.

By betting on the ingenuity, resilience, and unapologetic audacity of women daring to forge a new path, Cindy stakes our claim in a future that is more just, more joyful, and filled with safer, healthier, and happier sex for all.

To learn more about MakeLoveNotPorn and invest in the future of SexTech, visit https://wefunder.com/makelovenotporn.

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